3D Manufacturing Technology for Furnishing



CNC Rapid 725 ATC MOVE: By the Numbers

  1. Numerical control cutting center with 5 interpolated axes for cutting slabs of natural stone and automatic tool change.
  2. Includes Horizontal disk contouring and vertical disk contouring.
  3. Disk head swivels from 0 to 540 degrees and reclining from 0 to 90 degrees.
  4. Cuts, polishes, shapes and does everything all in one and automatically.
  5. Includes CAD software specific for stone applications and works.
  6. Automatically changes its tool so one can be in the office on the computer while the machine works independently in the shop, guaranteeing accurate and quality works.
  7. Dimensions: 25 feet by 22 feet, taking up 550 SF and is 14 feet tall.
  8. Equipped with electrospindle ISO40, KW13/rpm9000, the electrospindle can be equipped with a diamond-stubbed disk.
  9. Designed to mount diamond-stubbed tools of the following types: end mill, digging wheel, horizontal disk, profiled polishing and shaping wheels, diamond-stubbed bits for a variety of work processes.


The CNC Rapid 725 is able to use different kinds of diamond tools: cutting disc, horizontal disc for shaping, wheel for excavation, finger bit, engraving tools. It will automatically change the required tool on its own.

It also includes a technical drafting program specialized for the marble, granite and natural stone processing, utilizing numerical control, the ideal solution for producing workpieces with complex shapes using a CAD environment.

The CNC Rapid 725 features a slab detection system utilizing a camera positioned above the machine to optimize best use of slab's dimensions. It can avoid any defects or follow the slab's veins for a perfect pattern match as desired by customer. It lifts and moves cut workpieces automatically, reducing waste, optimizing work time and productivity.


Our 3D Manufacturing Center can produce all the custom stone required and used in the building industry:

  • Window and door surrounds
  • Interior and exterior coverings
  • Stairs
  • Flooring
  • Sculptures

Interior 3D furnishing fabrication examples include:

  • New wall cladding textures (Artwave Architecture)
  • Kitchen worktops
  • Bathroom vanity tops
  • Tables
  • Shower trays
  • Thin to very thick frames
  • Low reliefs
  • Fireplaces

Our 3D Digital Manufacturing Center is equipped to provide fast, accurate processing service for:

  • Cutting slabs
  • Shaping and polishing perimeter zones
  • Circular, oval, rectangular and square internal cuts
  • Polished recesses, inclined surfaces
  • Drilling and excavating clocks
  • Low reliefs, engravings