Antony Architectural Stone is part of the Zorzi Group, a family name with knowledge, tradition, and love for marble dating all the way back to the 15th Century! Our family name’s involvement in the stone business originated in Northern Italy in the 1480’s, in the beautiful Valpolicella area, close to Verona.



 The City Hall in Sant’Ambrogio in Valpolicella (Italy) and the Center of the History of the Valpolicella region researched and wrote a book about the history of the region and one of its focus was on the families that worked for centuries in the stone business (read more in our History section).

Half a millennium later, the Zorzi Family name continues the stone activity and still hand picks their materials, selecting each block to make sure the color and pattern are the same throughout.

We process our stone blocks, cutting them into slabs based on our customers’ specifications. Then we ship those slabs direct to our green manufacturing facility north of Seattle, where they are custom cut, polished and aged to perfection.

We also travel the world to select quarries and invest our resources to find the finest marbles, exotic granites, and unique translucent onyxes, so our customers can select from more than a thousand slabs to find the perfect material for their unique projects.

Our custom fabrication work is completed in strict accordance to standards set by the Marble Institute of America (MIA) and our guarantee to you is simple: if our work fails to meet your satisfaction, there will be no work charge.

We welcome you to visit our warehouse, showroom, and 3D technology fabrication shop to see how we transform Mother Nature’s original green building material into one-of-a-kind architectural works of art, both interior and exterior, for residential and commercial properties.

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