Art-wave Design Collection


Our Art-wave Collection is an innovative product for stone processing and design.  It is the result obtained from 5-axis computer numerical control cutting machines. which precisely creates specific design and geometrical figures engraved on natural stone slabs.  The effect that results from each design creates a natural light and shadow contrast, which brings out the natural beauty of the stone.  It is used to create elegant, warm and stylish living environments. This modern leading-edge process is the beginning of a new era for natural stone and design!  


Our Art-wave Design is best applied on Natural Stone, to include marble, sandstone and limestone.  The Art-wave Design can be used in wall cladding, wall panels, columns, back-splash,  shower panels, shower walls, and as an additional furnishing element in any 'thinkable' place, for example on fireplace surrounds as well as fountain/swimming pool bottom ....


Our collection includes:



It is an encounter of emotions and feelings. Continuous movements of constant undulatory forces ...

... give raise to the Emotion design, fluid penetrating shapes to watch and embrace.



Nuances designed by a gentle breeze, light and evanescent signs alternate, allowing a delicate wrap of lines.

Harmonious visions and decisive forms sculpted by nature.  A marked presence of strong visual impact.



A breath of air models a line, an alternance of highs and lows, a blend of soft and hard tones that make up ...

... an image of a single moment, a counting of natural free rhythm.



Echo gives, with its ascending and descending direction lines, a movement sensation.  

It presents itself, in its formal dynamism, also versatility which makes it an idea design for large interior and exterior surfaces.



A decorative element inspired by the waves detected on the surfaces of the planet.  

By its energetic form, constantly moving, it expresses the continuity of the movement at low speed.