The RDI Pacific Northwest Tour ...

As said in a previous post, as a company we do believe in Educational Development that is why when we were asked to host a tour of your facility for the Retail Design Institute Pacific Northwest Chapter, we were very excited!  

Every tour we give enriches us and shows us the continuous interest that there is for the natural stone sector from industry peers.  A lot of questions arose during the RDI Pacific Northwest Chapter tour, in particular many people were just astonished by our manufacturing technology and its many uses ... practically limitless!  

Radon and Radiation emission by natural stone was also something that was discussed during the evening, as well as new project and new commercial varieties of materials used in the field.  

Quarrying operations including open-cast or underground quarries, extraction technologies with application of diamond wire cutters or chain cutters, and stone material processing were engaging topics addressed during the event.

But the 'icing on the cake' is to visually see our 5-axis CNC machine operate.  It is just amazing, to really realize how the processing of natural stone has advanced!  With this technology we can really create anything, and this is just 'amazing' only to think about that.  

I am sure people like my grandfather remember the old days when everything was done by hand, and the sacrifices and time it took to do so ... 

To us it is also very special to see that people are interested and enjoyed the tour as well ... when we receive thank you notes in email we know for sure that it was a one of a kind experience not only for us but also for the attendees.

I wanted to share with you a special one that I have received ... 

Hello Penelope -
The tour you did for RDI last week was fascinating, and your products are really unique.  I so enjoyed meeting you and Roberto and Nazzarena, hearing about your family heritage of working with stone, and seeing your design and production process.  I love to know the whole story of a product, and the people who make it real.   A lot of times these events are about looking at things; in this case I learned something too, which is wonderful.   
Thank you so much – M. (Architectural Project Manager II)


And on this point I wanted to say 'Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give you a tour!'

- Our 5-axis CNC at work - 


If you are interested in seen some pictures from the tour, we have published several of them on our Facebook page at 


Thank you to the RDI Pacific Northwest for choosing to tour our facility and giving us the opportunity to share not only our daily work with natural stone, but also our traditions, and passion!