"Our Natural Stone Tour Experience ..."

One of the things we most value as a company is continuous growth in our sector to be able to meet the market demand on a daily basis, as well as satisfy our customers requests.  For this reason, we always keep advancing in all the processes involved in natural stone manufacturing, starting from the selection of materials in the quarry, moving then to digitally processing services, and finishing with the delivery of the final products.  It is important not only to create profit out of a project, but also to be able to transmit our passion for natural stone and educate people.  I personally believe it is a 'key' element to our work to help our clients understand how to use and work with natural stone, as also why choosing natural stone.  

As a family-owned company. we are committed to Educational Development, where we collaborate with local colleges, universities, and institutes to educate students, architects, and clients on natural stone and its uses.  This is because nowadays, there are many options available to natural stone. We are surrounded by a wide selection of granites, marbles, limestone, onyx, travertines, really somebody can just be overwhelmed just by figuring out the perfect material for their project. One thing to keep in mind though, it is that it's not only about the color of the material but also about the material itself.  Any type of natural stone is different, for example the consistency of one type of granite is different from another, so more suitable for a specific application.  This is very important to keep in mind to prevent any material misplacement. 

For this reason we organize monthly education sessions, where we provide background information on natural stone, present a wide variety of materials and educate on their differences, and give a live demonstration on how we process natural stone, and a tour of our facility.  For us this is a fun way to transmit our passion and love for natural stone, and interact with enthusiastic students, and people that are willing to learn and grow.  

Showing different materials of natural stone ... 

One of our recent tour was with the Lake Washington Institute of Technology ... with the Architecture Associate Degree students.  It was nice to see so much enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.  Some of the questions that arose during the tour were about the digitally manufacturing service equipment that we have.  Everybody was amazed on the limitless services that we are able to provide in no time, and this is also because we strive to continue innovate our company with state-of-the-art technology that goes in line with the new markets trends.

Showing how to operate a 5-axis CNC

Overall, we always have a great time during our tours, and it is nice to see the interest for natural stone, and its manufacturing processes.  Also, when organizing a tour, we are not only teaching students or people in general, but a lot of the times they teach us many things, and vision that they have for the future and would like to see happen in the natural stone sector.  

Last but not least, because we also need to satisfy our palate, at the end of the tour we enjoy together a great Italian espresso and some snacks, while sharing feedback and experiences ... so if you like the idea of learning something new, and enjoying while doing it ... schedule your Natural Stone Tour Experience!

Looking forward in sharing our passion ...