The Marmomacc 2013 experience ....

In our sector, one of the most important international events to attend is the Marmomacc trade fair, which is held every year in Verona, Italy.  The Marmomacc is an ESSENTIAL appointment for the stone industry; it is the International fair for operators in the marble sector.

Every year we, at Antony Architectural Stone, prepare and participate with enthusiasm to this fair since for us it is a time to reconnect with our collaborators back in Italy, as well as to see what are the new trends for the upcoming years, and a way to create new and interesting collaborations.  Also, since we originally come from Verona, it is a way to visit family and friends and take a nice stroll around the city and Lake Garda, a good way to combine work with private life ….

I had a lot of expectations from Marmomacc 2013 since last year I was really taken by the Architecture & Design Hall, and I was wondering what cool design there will be this year. As some of you may recall (since the photo was also published on the Marble Institute of America facebook page), last year major attraction in the Architecture & Design Hall was the Stone Gate, a cutting-edge architectural-engineering project made of 20 modular stones laid dry, bound by steel cables embedded within, that works with the essential laws of physics – just an amazing piece of art!

STONE GATE  -  Lithos Design

STONE GATE  -  Lithos Design

This year instead the Architecture & Design Hall didn't propose such an imminent piece, but went in line with the new design’s trends and focused on color. The result was the Opus Motus, a circular proportion of an incredible variety of natural stone shades, gifted by Nature, the idea was to create a color palette visually seen when the wheel starts to turn and the different stone colors start to mix together.


OPUS MOTUS  -  Lithos Design 

OPUS MOTUS  -  Lithos Design 

Beside the Architecture & Design Hall, I had the opportunity to take a look at the New Machinery and Equipment Hall, where I am always amazed on the sizes of some of this equipment ... I always wonder how long they take just to pre-set up the hall before the trade show starts ...  Anyways, to me this is an important section of the fair because you can really see how the sector is evolving and innovating, and coming from a scientific background it is very interesting to me to see how specific equipment are made and operate.

The section dedicated on natural stone, marble and granite which included an international hall and a national hall was no big surprise to me.  I didn’t really see new material proposed, but noticed new exhibitors from Singapore, Slovenia, and Ireland, which in additions to the usual exhibitors made it up to 16 international groups attendance exhibitors.  Also, I have felt, and this was confirmed by the different people I interacted with, that the overall turnout of the trade show was higher than last year, indicating a nice recovery and a new growth for the natural stone market.

I was also pleased to see how our products continue to be very competitive on the market. Marmomacc 2013 still confirms the trends we proposed last year, when we introduced our Art-wave Design and 3-D Textured Surfaces Collection, where design takes inspirations in natural forms and processes which introduce an architecture of experience with stone surfaces. In this way natural stone becomes dimensional and transmits sensations performed by the combination of exceptional forms, materials color, and particular light effects that replace traditional aesthetic motives with moving emotional qualities.  The organic imperfections of natural stone are exalted through design since they add integrity and credibility to the product.  In fact, veins, bark effects, slashes, crinkle and cuts also contribute to add intensity to the color tonalities of the materials.

Also, quite interesting was Marmomacc and the City, an exhibition of sculptures and installations, organized in collaboration with the Verona order of architects and the city council, that was set up during the day of the main show in significant spaces, squares and courtyards of the city of Verona – A nice way to introduce natural stone sculptures and combine them with the beautiful architecture that Verona has to offer.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Marmomacc 2013 experience!  I mean … what not to like??  Being with great people that share the same love for natural stone, surrounded by amazing architectural stone design, and beautiful natural stone materials …. weather was just perfect and food outstanding as always  …. I guess that says it all!!

 See you next year ….. !