Olive 8 Hyatt Hotel Gallery

All of the material arrived on time, was of impeccable quality, and was invoiced to us exactly as quoted. The Hotel has been a great success and its design and the materials used in the construction have consistently been complimented by visitors and guests. Antony Architectural Stone played a very important and successful role in this.
— David Thyer - President, R.C. Hedreen Company

Wall Cladding

Photos are showing the Olive 8 hotel wall cladding in Polished Alhambra Limestone.  The Alhambra Limestone was used through out the all lobby and reception area, conference room area, common room areas.

Third Floor Common Area

Photos are showing conference room mini bar countertops in Polished  Black Beauty   Granite.  Common area bathrooms' wall cladding in Polished Lagos Azul Limestone  and bathrooms' vanity tops in Polished Velvet Taube Marble. 

Seventeenth Floor Common Area

Photos are showing Common area flooring in Polished Lagos Azul  Limestone tiles, kitchen area counter tops in Polished Marron Bois Granite, and bathroom vanity top in Polished Rain Forest Brown Granite. 


Entrance Grand Stairs

Photos are showing entrance and lobby area grand stairs in Polished Lagos Azul Limestone and Polished Porto Beige Limestone.

Hotel Elevators

Photos are showing hotel elevators side panels in Polished White Onyx, and wall cladding in Polished   Alhambra Limestone.

Hotel Lobby & Reception

Photos are showing entrance and lobby area in Polished   Porto Beige Limestone, reception hotel check-in area counter top in solid Polished White Onyx. 

Hotel Suites & Baths

Photos are showing the hotel suites and bathrooms.  Vanity tops in the bathroom and in the suite in Polished Marron Bois Granite.  Bathroom flooring and tub surround with wall cladding in Polished Sunny Gold Marble tiles.

Pool & Jacuzzi  

Photos are showing swimming pool and hot tub area of the hotel.  Swimming pool surround in Brazilian Multicolor Quartzite calibrated with natural clef surface.  The wall cladding of the swimming pool area in Light Amber White Glass.


Photos are showing our Installation Team at work ...