Our Team


Roberto Antonio Zorzi & Paola Crescini

General Manager & Administration Manager

In 1976, Roberto Antonio Zorzi, married Paola Crescini, and thus two traditions in the local Italian marble and granite production were united in one family. Their move to America in 1995 with their five children showed true entrepreneurial spirit and determination. In 1999 Roberto and Paola founded the Zorzi Corporation dba as Antony Architectural Stone, a corporation for the import, supply, fabrication, and installation of architectural and dimensional stone in the United States and around the world.

Roberto, General Manager, has 40 plus years of experience in the stone industry from his humble beginnings as a young teenager where he fabricated and installed architectural and dimensional stone works under the guidance of his grandfather Antonio to Roberto’s biggest achievements of signing 7 million dollar commercial projects. His wisdom, intuition and understanding for stone cannot be imitated. Paola, Administration Manager, has always helped behind the scenes doing office and other miscellaneous tasks to make sure things are constantly in order and organized.

Today, after 35 plus years of marriage and six children, Roberto & Paola still continue to work side by side both at home and in the workplace. Their passion and drive to keep working comes from the love and tradition they hold within their stone industry heritage and for each other. Their love, courage and faith have always allowed them to push through the many struggles and sacrifices that constantly arise in owning your own family business.

During their free time they enjoy working outside on the yard, trying new foods, training and showing their dogs, spending time with their 6 children and extended family especially attending their youngest 12 year old sons’, soccer games and tournaments. To them, faith and family is everything.


Beatrice Zorzi

Processing Manager

Beatrice began her work at Antony Architectural Stone in her high school years helping where ever she could.  After high school she attended Gonzaga University in Spokane and graduated top of her class with a bachelor's degree in biology. Upon finishing her schooling she worked in the medical field until she decided the family business was a the right fit for her.

Her attention to detail, precision, patience, and sternness make her well suited for the construction jobsite environment. She is an effective communicator in all areas: verbal, written, and electronic which make her a tremendous asset in the company. Beatrice makes working in teams seem simple through her relational skills. She is caring, concerned, outgoing, collaborative and passionate in every task and employees enjoy working with her on any project.

During her free time, Beatrice enjoys singing in the young adult church band, cooking, swimming, and spending time with her husband, family, and friends.

Nazzarena Zorzi

Production Manager

Nazzarena, the youngest of Roberto & Paola’s daughters also began her work at Antony Architectural stone in her high school years learning the ins and out of all the administrative office work and job site atmosphere. After high school she like her sister attended Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA where she first got her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and then her master’s in business administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship. She was on the president list both in her undergrad and master level courses. Upon finishing her schooling she quickly began working full time in the family business.

Nazzarena offers a strong welcoming spirit, effective communication skills, maturity and a passion for learning. She is highly organized: attentive to detail, deadline driven and conscientious. She also possess unique leadership skills, she is a self motivator, stern, hard working and committed to completing all her responsibilities accurately and on time.

During her free time, Nazzarena enjoys being outside whether it is hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, playing soccer, trying new foods or traveling; she enjoys sharing all these activities with her family, friends and fiancé`.

Penelope Zorzi

Marketing - Interior Design

"I am the newest addition to Antony Architectural Stone.   The choice to join the company was a shifting carrier move for me.  I was working as a freelancer in marketing at the time, after earning a certification in web marketing and social media, and studying to become a certified residential interior designer, I've decided to join the company bringing a new vision since my background is a BA in Biology and a PhD in Biotechnologies applied to Biomedical Sciences.  I am enthusiastic to be part of this team.  I believe we have great products, know-how, advanced technology, and a lot of passion for such a noble material as Natural Stone.  I put Research and Innovation into anything that I approach, and this perfectly goes in line with the company's thinking philosophy. My experience in living in different countries such as USA, Italy, Austria and Switzerland, brings distinctive ideas and a more European style of craftsmanship.  In my day to day work environment I have the opportunity to deal with many different people and cultures, and to be connected to my Italian roots, which make my position something greater than just a 'job'.  

People that know me and have worked with me, say that I am personable, committed, determined, reliable, creative, spontaneous, funny, hardworking, very patient, and reflexive. 

Outside work, I enjoy putting my creativity into cooking and baking, I love to travel and to learn more about other cultures.  I really like hiking, biking, reading, music/dancing in general, and spending time with friends and family.  I also like to 'shop around' and to be informed about the newest trend styles in interior design, furnishing, apparel and footwear."